Personalized Video Transforms the Customer Experience

Use Customer Data

Personal data such as name, geography, or current billing information can be utilized to create that 1:1 video experience for your customer.

Merge it With Video

The Audio and Video are rendered in real-time to create an immersive, can’t-stop-watching it experience.

Wow Your Customers

Increase Revenue, Reduce Customer Confusion and Calls, and Drive Customer Satisfaction Higher.

Why SelectMethods?

Exceed your goals and deliver an incredible customer experience

A Business Approach

We define your goals and help you imagine a great customer experience and work backwards from there.

100% Shelf-Life Guarantee

Don’t worry about your content getting stale. As long as you are with us, we’ll keep your video programs fresh and relevant.

Technology Savvy

We are artists and technologists with the chops to deliver the full solution from data to creative design.