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Which is it – Personalized Video, or Smart Video, or Personalized Smart Video?

We call it Personalized Video. So does SundaySky, Idomoo, Vidyard, and Pitney Bowes.

Why is it important? Because each platform treats personalization differently, and platform decisions are important. Think about how difficult it is to switch CRM or marketing automation systems once you get all of your data and campaigns configured. Personalized Video is no different.

With video, personalization means the viewer sees and hears their personal information in real time. Usually, personalization data is limited to profile data such as name, geography, or account balances.

Smart Video has more to do with what happens behind the scenes rather than what is happening on-screen. It has a lot to do with scene selection and order.  Smart Video uses logic to choose which scenes to render based on profile data. For example, it shows a scene that recommends paperless billing when the data indicates the customer hasn’t selected that option.

Regardless of which term you use, Personalized or Smart Video, the distinction is only important when assessing the capability of a platform. It may be personalized but it may NOT be smart. Based on what you are trying to do, that could be important.

So don’t sweat the terminology so much, but pay attention to functionality when selecting the right platform.

vxsmdsprodWhich is it – Personalized Video, or Smart Video, or Personalized Smart Video?
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